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About Cara Laine and Sleepy Hedgehog Press


Cara Laine’s creativity and imagination can take your dreams and make them a reality. After designing her own wedding invitations and receiving countless compliments on work she has done on the side and in her spare time over the years, she took the leap and left the corporate world to fulfill her vision of owning her own business. Sleepy Hedgehog Press was created from this dream.

Cara has a passion for creating unique couture designs for everything from weddings and birthdays to corporate events and branding businesses. Her designs range from elegantly simple designs to complex beautiful creations.

Cara puts her natural talent and skills, along with her acquired knowledge from a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design, to work to find perfect graphics, beautiful fonts, and unique papers for her clients. Some of the specialty products she has created with are elephant dung paper, Thai silk boxes, and handmade mulberry paper with coconut fibers and bark bits. Her timeless innovations add the perfect touch to any special event. Searching the globe for unique materials for her creations has given her clients the opportunity to see their dreams come to life. With an international audience, Cara’s work has been admired in Brazil, Africa, Canada, England, Germany, The Galapagos, and Mexico.

Cara and Sleepy Hedgehog Press have won numerous awards for their clever creations including Best of Weddings 2013 from The Knot and the NACE Best of the Industry for Stationery award for 2012.

Cara loves being a part of special occasions. Listening to the dreams and wishes of her clients and then taking those desires and intuitively creating unique products for them is her passion. Her eye for detail and personal guarantee for beautiful elegance leaves her clients more than pleased with their final products.

Sleepy Hedgehog Press. What’s the story of the name?

Skleepy_hedgehog_baby2Cara is the mother to two amazing boys. They are her true inspiration and her greatest creations. In November of 2003, when her boys were just 2 and 4 years old, she found the inspiration for the name of her company from a picture in an Anne Geddes book which her kids loved. She thought it was a photo of a rolling hedgehog (at least this is what she remembered it doing) but after looking in the book she was delighted to see that the little baby dressed as a hedgehog was actually sleeping. This was perfect! As a mother of two young active boys, Cara was familiar with feeling exhausted! Thus, Sleepy Hedgehog Press was born. The logo was designed by a family member and to this day she is well remembered and recognized with her unique business name and stunning work she creates for her clients.

Playing off the “sleepy” theme, the motto for Sleepy Hedgehog Press was developed; “If you can dream it, we can create it.”

Come let Cara and Sleepy Hedgehog Press make your dreams for your special event become your beautiful reality.